Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sharing Hot-Wives

Willing Hot-Wives

Sharing a wife or reaching a mutual agreement that allows her to have sex with another man can have a positive effect on a relationship. A thriving sex life is probably the most valuable assets a couple can possess. However, when couples become complacent or disinterested, it's value quickly drops until becoming practically worthless. Fortunately, such is its nature, a sex life can easily be restored to a precious possession status.

Few things are more thrilling than that ‘Can’t wait to get my hands on you feeling.’ Remember the days when, so aroused, her pussy saturated her panties and his throbbing erection ached to fuck it? Despite other ways of returning to those times, this post looks at, probably, the most daring and exciting. A wife enjoying sex with another male will awaken any dormant sex life, and instigate a period of unashamed lust, in which reluctance no longer exists.

A mutual decision, totally honest, no secrets, a husband fully aware of how his wife is kissed, touched and ultimately fucked. Future sex follows without the slightest inhibition; blow jobs, slit licking and dirty talk prevail. She has a new exciting pussy, and it constantly craves cock. Committing adultery is cheating on another and a poor alternative; it can't possibly have the same idyllic outcome. The sex life receives no enhancement and the burden of deceit adds to its decline.

Sharing Wives Trilogy is three stories, three different situations, in which wives have sex with other men to save or greatly improve, their married sex life. One story sees a long time frustrated husband hire a seduction expert, it's a desperate bid to revive her sexual passion. In another, a couple’s sex life is rediscovered when a wife confesses that she was left with a dripping pussy after allowing a stranger to kiss and grope her in a dark alleyway. Cuckold has become a way of life for another couple; a husband supplies his wife with a number of well hung studs, who have a rota to bed her.

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