Friday, 22 May 2015

Cuckold Business

 Cuckold Business; Hot Wives with Whore Glass Figures.

A Cuckold wants every Tom and Harry to shove Dick into his wife.

There's no business like cuckold business, no business at all; cuckolds, hot wives and bulls, all eternally happy with their status. What other sexual activity- does gratification come from the pleasure of others? Break all rules of conventionality by considering adultery imperative for a successful relationship? Allow and encourage wives and girlfriends to have their cunts stretched beyond recognition by huge cocks? Delighted when those same wives and girlfriends say they are going to fuck who, where and when they want. Thoughtfully put panties on after fucking, in order to arrive home and present a loved one with a cream pied cunt to be licked.

Although there are no hard and fast Cuckold lifestyle rules, the joy of watching or hearing a partner orgasm with a lover is the ultimate pleasure. Characteristics can't reveal the size of a man’s cock. Shearer’s powerful frame suggests his cock is way above average, it's tiny in fact. He adores his wife, as do most cuckolds, but can’t help wonder how she'd react with a huge thick cock inside her. Read their story; discover how a tough businessman delights in becoming almost slave like to his wife and lovers, away from the workplace.

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