Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Warming to Sexy Games.

What's the final result of a flirty adult game?

Camper van enthusiasts Susie and Paul have devised a wonderful sexy game surrounding Susie's ever growing suntan. The fun loving sexy married couple have been arriving at the same secluded beauty spot each weekend. Susie is basking topless when opening her eyes to find the landowner Greg looking down at her. Taken by surprise, she bluffs of being a regular topless bather. Her innocent deceit allows her to permanently flaunt her breasts in his presence.  Happily, he happens to be the warmest and most amicable man they could ever wish to meet. Instant friends, the three are enjoying the summer in perfect isolation.  Lovers of dirty talk during sex, Susie and Paul fantasize about a threesome with Greg.

   In such idyllic surrounds and unconcerned atmosphere, Greg is soon helping Paul to apply Susie's sun-cream. A fresh application each time new flesh is revealed, when Susie is eventually wearing only a teeny bikini bottom the fantasy reaches fever point. Having thrilled at Greg's touch across her breasts and inner thighs, she becomes desperate for his caressing to reach the folds of her pussy.

Obviously, his hand eventually finds its way and beyond, but the ultimate action is not at all obvious, and wasn't envisaged even during their wildest fantasy. It's a good feeling story with lots of progressive and enjoyable sex.

Suntan's finishing touches


Description of erotic Ebook -Warming To It by Roy Station. It can be found on Amazon.


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