Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Is a Bukkake Gift Coming Your Way?

Bukkake Treat-Delivered by Hand

In the not too distant past a joke was doing the rounds that asked ‘What are the two biggest lies told by men? The punch line answers were revealed as -‘The cheque/check is in the post’-followed by-‘I promise not to come/cum in your mouth.’

However, times change and the second part of the punch line no longer works. Many now feel that a blowjob is not complete without a mouthful of sperm. Females in particular have become very fond of sperm, the more the better has become the order of the day. So much so that they view Bukkakes as a special erotic treat.

For those who are not aware-a Bukkake is an event that sees a naked female having her body covered in sperm by a number of masturbating males. Ideally, the more the better. So ladies, when your loved one asks-‘What you would like for-Christmas-birthday-anniversary? Don’t hesitate, cum up with Bukkake.


  1. There's just nothing better than covering a girl in a lot of cum! I agree that Bukkake should be your answer for what do you want for XXXmas.

  2. Could not agree more :-)

  3. Proving to be extremely popular gifts.