Friday, 6 December 2013

Spice of a Third Party.

 The illness of a sexless marriage will find no better remedy than 'Third Party.' 

When John gains first hand knowledge of Jacob, a much sought after Third Party, he wastes no time. Recent testimonies conclude he has ability to persuade even the most frigid wife to open her legs. John has no qualms about Jacob unleashing his huge cock upon his wife Janice. Suffering an ailing sex life, he longs to see juices of arousal circulating among the folds of her pussy once again.

It's a huge gamble that depends entirely on a successful seduction of Janice; something highly unlikely and probably marriage ending. However, the events of life combine to provide the perfect scenario and John's boldness is rewarded. In a rare moment of carefree attitude, Janice waives her historical sexual reluctance. After being roughly pounded throughout the night, she wakes with her pussy stretched and craving more cock.

John's action when contacting a Third Party was drastic, but his alternative meant a permanent surrender to celibacy. Attempting to extract any sort of arousal from Janice had become a hopeless and overly tiresome crusade. Yet the spice of a different cock, albeit huge, managed to find her untapped well of lust in an instant. Although not without drama, John can't express sufficient gratitude for Jacob's assistance. Janice is now only too pleased to straddle John's cock, or any other he asks her to.        

'Come and get your treat John, Janice calls to her husband who waits in the adjoining bedroom. He enters to the sight of his wife’s open legs and her pussy oozing sperm. It had come from Jacob's huge black cock, which she held with both hands to lick it. Wearing his wife's panties, John lapped up and down her slit until....

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  1. Delicia bela,que vontade de chupar e foder bem gostoso,beijos linda....