Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Cuckold Game.

 Excerpt from a short comedy that looks at a couples entry into the world of Cuckold.

 Playing the Cuckold game has so many emotions that participants should never be surprised its rules, which clearly state-They are confusing.

The Cuckold Game.
Arthur’s erection had finally returned and was making regular visits to the wet-spot of his beloved wife Mildred. Raunchy sex had not been part of his life for more than a decade and he was making up for lost time. A loving couple, he and Mildred went on to lose both their virginity and sexual appetite together. A once rampant relationship that held visions of fireworks had lost its spark and fizzled out to a phwwt. Although remaining somewhat happy, both had found it easy and convenient to neglect sex. Feeling they had, had their proverbial money's worth, they opted for an opinion that said sex was unnecessary and over rated.

Unable to rendezvous for action, Arthur’s erection and Mildred’s wet-spot lost contact and became strangers. To become redundant while still having so much to offer was frustrating for both intimate areas. The months became years and it seemed neither would ever see active service again. Until, quite by chance, a certain event let Arthur know that erection remained capable of carrying out active service.

While shopping at a a lady placed some wood on the back of her car. Quite long piece, she had to bend and stretch along the seat. Arthur had no time and no wish to divert his eyes. Wearing the shortest skirt, his eyes were privy to the scantiest of underwear. Although a view of mere seconds, erection was overwhelmed. Memories raced back, and the whereabouts of wet spot was given urgent thought. 

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