Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Can you define a Cuckold?

What is Cuckold?

Before writing two Cuckold books, I visited numerous sex sites and gathered meaningful information from those who engage in its lifestyle. It soon became apparent that clearly defining a Cuckold is almost impossible, as participation comes in such varying degrees. However, receiving immense sexual gratification from their partner enjoying sex with others, is one characteristic that all Cuckolds share. Yet it's a total misconception that, because of this, Cuckold couples can't possibly respect or love each other. Actually, all long time Cuckold couples who I spoke to could not have been happier. They feel a Cuckold lifestyle is not only beneficial to their relationship, it also gives them a most enjoyable social life. Additionally, Cuckold’s should not be confused with Swingers.

John and his wife entered into a Cuckold lifestyle after eight years of faithful marriage. He told me: ‘Swingers take their sexual pleasure by swapping partners, and good luck to them, but I have no interest, whatsoever, in bedding other women. Watching my wife writhe as she gasps out an orgasm, with a bulls cock buried deep inside her, is what stiffens my cock.’ (Bull-is a term given to an alpha male who has sex with a Cuckolds' wife.)

Adding, ‘We don’t simply invite any man, he must fully understand the Cuckold scene. All our sexual entertainment takes place at home with Bulls regarded as extra special guests. They are free to have as much or as little sex as they wish. However, my wife and I must never say no, his requests are treated as demands. I watch, photograph or video practically every bit of sexual action until bedtime. Along side my wife, our bulls always stay overnight. Sleeping in an adjoining single room, I'm able to hear every moment of both their goodnight and good morning fuck. Once alone, is sometimes when bulls give my wife her most ferocious fucking. She relishes every such occasion as if it was her wedding night. When the bull leaves his sperm is oozing from my wife's pussy; it's then I climb between her legs for the most incredible sex imaginable.’

Other Cuckolds prefer to receive live photographic evidence of a wife's activity rather than physical presence. The anticipation of her arriving home and hearing every detail as she removes her panties to reveal a well fucked pussy is an immense turn on. Of course there are some who take the Cuckold lifestyle to extremes. Part of a strict regime, they become willing male slaves, made to wear chastity equipment and dress in female underwear. Orgasms are privileges that these Cuckolds must earn. Having his tiny cock ridiculed by both the bull and his wife as he licks clean all sexual juices from their genital areas, may earn one. Such humiliation is essential to the Cuckolds arousal.

Although in far less numbers, there are also females who thrive on watching a male partner have sex with other females. Not surprisingly, they experience the exact same pleasure that male Cuckolds do. Gina, one such lady said; ‘If my husband was unfaithful behind my back I could never forgive him, but watching him undress, caress and then make love to another woman before my eyes? I find it sensual beyond words; I orgasm without touch. Afterwards, he seems so alluring and revitalized that I have multiple orgasms the moment he enters me.’

This article has only brushed the surface of Cuckold life, but hopefully it gives a little insight. If you would like to read a Cuckold story you can find Third Party on Amazon under Roy Station. Alternatively, ‘Sharing Wives Trilogy' includes Third Party and two other Cuckold stories based on these accounts.

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