Sunday, 30 June 2013

Compatible Sex Partners.

A compatible bed partner is key to avoiding a life of sexual disappointment and frustration. Romping away until your hearts content is far easier without any distractions. A relationship can be doomed all too easily by a trivial clash of personality, or mixing business with pleasure.

Do not see Eye to Eye.

It usually ends in utter failure when a couple take their argument to bed, and fall asleep before resolving it. When only one half a partnership turn their back in bed, it can lead to the start of a very promising situation. However, when both turn their back it means they are unable to see eye to eye, either mentally or physically. Underwear will not be removed, and  the future will probably see the introduction of bed-socks.
 To avoid this-Take turns in admitting you were wrong, and use oral sex as the means of apology.

I'll Take Care of the Boss.

Under no circumstances, should you attempt to improve your partners work prospects by being overly nice to their boss or bosses.Such behaviour will be blatantly obvious and may well be taken advantage of. Imagine  the horror, a partner thinks talent has earned their promotion, then discovers it was gained by a  spouse granting sexual favours?  Such a wound would never heal, sex doomed to become a thing of the past. To avoid this-Tell your partner that your bosses are rubbish at sex and you would far rather have it with them. Such a statement will give them enough confidence to earn their own promotion.  

  Red Light Spells Danger.

Always think twice before parking yourself in a bed with any sort of traffic controller. They enjoy frustrating partners by making parts of their body-and yours-no go areas. Being told that certain erogenous zones are in a restricted area is no way begin saucy proceedings. It adds up to a long wait before reaching any orgasmic destination.
To remedy this-place a red light in the bedroom; it will excite any traffic controller. Then reveal that the red light indicates a lady of the night and not a stop sign. Role play surrounding prostitute and client will swiftly follow. Client insists the action must be fast and and furious as they are parked on yellow lines and may be clamped, which would put an end to any planned dogging activity.

No Sex: Resulting Outcome

Not having an adequate amounts of sex is not only frustrating, it plays havoc with reproduction. Stopping full sex will lead to secretive masturbation. Too embarrassed to discuss with ones partner, it may lead to visiting  the cubicles in public toilets. There are lots of odd and strange characters in such places. At the height of ecstasy, it would be no surprise to discover that a stranger is peering over the cubicle and recording every move. Next day brings exposure across the internet, and frustrated is branded a public toilet pervert. So do choose a sex partner wisely-Make sure they have no hang ups and fuck like the clappers.    

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