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Free Erotica with Workers Playtime.

This is a true and funny erotic story that happened in Florida. It is from a book that can be obtained free on Smashwords erotica.

Workers Playtime.
Roy Station

Anna is a happily married mother who doesn’t allow marriage to lower the standards of her sex life. Constantly striving to keep it horny, all bedroom boredom is quickly excommunicated.
”It was so easy when I was single and had an army of horny men at my beck and call. But now I only have one, maintaining quality sex means pushing my slutty actions to the limit.”
To say Anna adores sex is nothing short of a massive understatement. “Ever since my first time, my only thought has been about the next time.”
These days, Anna poses nude on sex sites, and with her husband, performs live sex shows via webcam to an invited audience. However, this amusing tale comes from her early experiences when her lust for men had began to take root.
“Looking back, it’s only now that I gasp at the number of times I actually fucked or had some form of sex during working hours. During numerous jobs, I managed to find a fuck buddy or buddies in all of them.”
These workplace events took place in Central Florida when she became manager of a trailer manufacturing company. Anna, the only female on the site, was overseeing a workforce of dozen or so males.
“It was nice to have my own office, but it’s fair to say that much of time in there was spent wondering how many of them would I be able to fuck.”
Being the only female around so many raunchy men took its toll. Finding both their attraction and distraction to be overwhelming, she spent as much time as possible working alongside them in the workshop. Helping to haul axles and bearings, Anna soon became a hands on manager. The smell of welding fumes, sweat and testosterone totally consumed her. Everything took on a sexual overtone; the rhythm of a banging hammer, rough men in wranglers and heavy boots, it seemed foreplay at its most sensuous.
Losing count of the number of times she told the men of a need to make a phone call, Anna would dash to the small ladies toilet cubicle. “After pulling my uniform trousers to my ankles, I’d stretch my legs to the door. A finger fuck was a necessity; there was no other way once that feeling came over me. I would have literally been gasping and squirting fluids into the crotch of my uniform before their very eyes. Only the relief of an orgasm could make me become functional again. Always a heavy squirter, I needed to stretch my legs above the toilet to catch the gushes of love juice, it prevented an appearance that said I’d wet myself.
It didn’t take long for the guys to recognise I was overly flirty; consequently, our conversations became most familiar. All were good hard workers, a joy to be around. Eventually, I was leaving the grease shop and welding bay with tell tale hand marks on my ass and across my breasts. I welcomed that friendly groping much more than they ever imagined. A visit to the ladies would always follow; I was bringing my self to orgasm two or three times a day. I’m confident that I released far more love juice, than urine, down that toilet.
Soon I was trying to think of a scenario that would allow me to being alone with one of them. Any of them, I was never a girl who needed a certain size, colour, looks etc. If they were male, of a nice disposition, and enjoyed using their cock, I would welcome them with open arms, or should I say open legs?
Finally, an opportunity presented itself, one too good to miss. It was Sunday and only two men were due at the plant, a mechanic and a welder were needed to work on a breakdown repair. Jack, the mechanic, phoned my home to say he had stayed at a party longer than was wise, and for the sake of safety, couldn’t possibly come to work.
So, Jacks safety had inadvertently put John the welder in danger------------- from me. With my filthy slut mind in overdrive, I decided I would help with the mechanics. John was raunchy and real easy going; he had left many a greasy hand mark on my butt. I was in my early twenties and my legs were creating more erections than Viagra. My plan was make sure that Johns cock and not his brain did the thinking. I arrived at work dressed in something that was considered particularly sexy at that time, extremely short cut offs and cowboy boots. On my hands and knees, I was inspecting the trailer lights when a hand roamed across my ass. Without objection, I simply said mmmm, and carried on working.”
“How come you haven’t turned around to see who it is?” He asked, still feeling.
“My ass recognises that hand, you’ve groped it often enough.” I replied, with a giggle.
My reaction encouraged his gropes to become more adventurous. “Fuck, I’ve never noticed your ass like this before.”
John was hooked, his hand slid between my legs and onto a thin strip of denim that was covering my pussy. He pulled it to the side and ran his fingers up and down my slit before slipping two fingers in my sopping cunt.
All was taking place in an open garage entrance that was directly in view of the sales lot and shop. I was so horny that I pushed back and rocking on all his hand, faster and faster, he was fisting me. My orgasm forced me to rear up and what a squirter it was. John told me later that he’d never seen anything like it. It hissed in every direction, although his arm and chest took the biggest brunt, my legs and even the tools were soaked.
As I was about to stand, he faced me a hand on my shoulder and his cock pointing from his zipper. John happened to have an excessively large one and he was jerking it directly into my face. My mouth was open, my tongue was hanging out, I so wanted to taste it.
John, the big cocked cunt had other ideas, and he taunted me without mercy. He was putting it almost on my tongue and then slapping my face with it. When I actually begged, he teased more and jerked, faster. I saw his cock end become a vivid purple colour, and then surging forward with a roar like a lion, he shot gushes of hot cum across my face. I was licking all that my tongue could reach when he came out with an amazing statement.”
“You won’t fire me for this will you?”
“Are you fucking crazy? From now on I’m keeping you under my desk as a pussy poker.”
However, John then said something that was far from amusing. “You got a customer”
‘Fucking shit,’ was all I could think as I looked across and saw Mr Teal at the entrance to the shop. He was standing there waiting for assistance. I picked up the nearest greasy old rag and hoped I’d wiped his spunk from my face as I made my way across. Had he seen everything? Or had he just arrived?
Mr Teal was thought by everyone to be the biggest moaner in the county, he endlessly complained about rising costs, the government, the railways, in fact he moaned about everything. Yet strangely, there was no grumpy face when I greeted him? He had a close lipped smile that suggested he was high on something. Without saying a word, he picked up the spare part he wanted, paid for it and lo and behold, he left with that same smile.
Glancing in the shop mirror my mouth shot open, but not for cock this time. Fuck No I gasped. Plain as my tits, there were two huge blobs of thick cum dangling in my hair. I knew I was a total slut when l actually swallowed and enjoyed it. Feeling a little annoyed with John, I decided to exercise my rights as boss.
“John, you get your ass over here now.”

For the record-Anna left the company almost a year later after experienced five of the workforce cocks. 

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