Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Unsociable People. (Public Transport)

I have just arrived back home from Crown Court and they liked me so much they have asked me to return to receive my sentence, it must be one of those writer things.

Anyway, the reason I was invited there in the first place was all because of a very unsociable young lady. Heading into town on the bus I  had found myself standing and holding onto a support bar directly next to where the said young lady was seated. Now I did not have any qualms about standing on a bus, sometimes there is no alternative. However, on this particular journey, every time that  the bus turned or ,which was quite often, I could not help, but fall forward. The outcome of this meant that my crotch would accidentally be pressed against her face.

After it had happened six or seven times there was a misunderstanding, which resulted in her pressing the bell, and demanding that the driver should call the police. Because of her unsociable attitude she was claiming that I was sexually harassing her. The police duly arrived, and to my astonishment, they took her side and arrested me while suggesting I should call a lawyer. I made contact with a law firm, who I was told, specialized in this type of incident.After I had given a detailed description of the events, my barrister had every sympathy for me. In fact his very words were. "You would have gotten away with it if there had not been fifteen empty seats.

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