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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Trust and Loyalty.


 Betrothed couple Karrie and Steve face a nightmare situation. Their wedding day is rapidly approaching and joy has become despair. Would be groom Steve is destined for prison rather than honeymoon.  Although guilty of smoking marijuana, a bent cop can concoct the evidence to prove he is a dealer. In such extreme situations, victims are often willing to do anything for a resolution. Exactly how far should you go to save a loyal friend or loved one from hopelessness?

As with all bent cops, there is an offer on the table. Money is not an option, far too easy to trace, downfall of many blackmailers. However, if Karrie is willing to cooperate in a certain way, charge papers may never reach official police files. So, the wedding and honeymoon can only go ahead after the bent cop has helped himself to the bride.     

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 Trust Me.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Con-men of the Dating Game.

 Dating Deception

Her every move was being caught on camera.

She's found the love of her life, it's definite this time. Handsome, charming, kind, generous to a fault, he's perfect. No mistake, he's the love of her life and she can't wait to meet him. Yes, infatuation, disguised as love, strikes as regular as a clock in the dating game. Does it matter? Not at all for starry eyed lovers; time will decide the extent of their relationship. However, when one half of the alliance is an experienced dating game con-man it can become a matter of some urgency.His fake persona and her naive impatience to fall in love will be enough for his carefully detailed plan to work.

To be fair to Melody, the girl who suffers in this encounter, his deceit was extremely difficult to spot.  Initially, he was everything she could have wished for and life seemed wonderful. After picking her up at the airport he whisked her to an exclusive hotel where they wined dined and made love. It was a week of luxury, and Melody was not asked for a single penny. In fact she became so embarrassed that she insisted on paying towards their immense bar bill.

Leaving the hotel, they headed to a famous English music festival that Melody had always dreamt of attending. She was having a fabulous time and had fallen madly in love. But things became a little strange on the final day when her lover disappeared along with every last cent she had. Melody could not possibly have known what was happening in the hotel or at the festival. Read 'Sweet Melody' and discover what was actually taking place. You certainly won't feel any affection for Melody's lover, but you do need to be aware of him.    

Melody could not escape the hidden eyes. 

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sharing Hot-Wives

Willing Hot-Wives

Sharing a wife or reaching a mutual agreement that allows her to have sex with another man can have a positive effect on a relationship. A thriving sex life is probably the most valuable assets a couple can possess. However, when couples become complacent or disinterested, it's value quickly drops until becoming practically worthless. Fortunately, such is its nature, a sex life can easily be restored to a precious possession status.

Few things are more thrilling than that ‘Can’t wait to get my hands on you feeling.’ Remember the days when, so aroused, her pussy saturated her panties and his throbbing erection ached to fuck it? Despite other ways of returning to those times, this post looks at, probably, the most daring and exciting. A wife enjoying sex with another male will awaken any dormant sex life, and instigate a period of unashamed lust, in which reluctance no longer exists.

A mutual decision, totally honest, no secrets, a husband fully aware of how his wife is kissed, touched and ultimately fucked. Future sex follows without the slightest inhibition; blow jobs, slit licking and dirty talk prevail. She has a new exciting pussy, and it constantly craves cock. Committing adultery is cheating on another and a poor alternative; it can't possibly have the same idyllic outcome. The sex life receives no enhancement and the burden of deceit adds to its decline.

Sharing Wives Trilogy is three stories, three different situations, in which wives have sex with other men to save or greatly improve, their married sex life. One story sees a long time frustrated husband hire a seduction expert, it's a desperate bid to revive her sexual passion. In another, a couple’s sex life is rediscovered when a wife confesses that she was left with a dripping pussy after allowing a stranger to kiss and grope her in a dark alleyway. Cuckold has become a way of life for another couple; a husband supplies his wife with a number of well hung studs, who have a rota to bed her.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Cuckold Business

 Cuckold Business; Hot Wives with Whore Glass Figures.

A Cuckold wants every Tom and Harry to shove Dick into his wife.

There's no business like cuckold business, no business at all; cuckolds, hot wives and bulls, all eternally happy with their status. What other sexual activity- does gratification come from the pleasure of others? Break all rules of conventionality by considering adultery imperative for a successful relationship? Allow and encourage wives and girlfriends to have their cunts stretched beyond recognition by huge cocks? Delighted when those same wives and girlfriends say they are going to fuck who, where and when they want. Thoughtfully put panties on after fucking, in order to arrive home and present a loved one with a cream pied cunt to be licked.

Although there are no hard and fast Cuckold lifestyle rules, the joy of watching or hearing a partner orgasm with a lover is the ultimate pleasure. Characteristics can't reveal the size of a man’s cock. Shearer’s powerful frame suggests his cock is way above average, it's tiny in fact. He adores his wife, as do most cuckolds, but can’t help wonder how she'd react with a huge thick cock inside her. Read their story; discover how a tough businessman delights in becoming almost slave like to his wife and lovers, away from the workplace.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Reading eBooks can be completely free.

 How to read latest free eBooks

 This post is for those who would like to read eBooks, but do not wish to purchase an eBook reader, such as a Kindle or Nook. Fortunately, if you have the capability to read this post, you have the capability to read any eBook. Free reader apps are available on all major sites that sell eBooks. They can be downloaded in seconds and work perfectly.

Because an eBook is free, it doesn't mean it's of substandard quality, many authors, including top selling, make books free purely for promotional reasons. Many are only free for only a short time while others remain permanently free. At no cost whatsoever, every genre is available; there are no limitations.

These apps are not restricted to free books, they can also be used to purchase books. Signing up to Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble etc, takes only moments and will provide you with enough e-books to last a lifetime.All in all, I consider a free eBook reader app to be as good as it gets, don't delay, download one today.

Smashwords Digital E-Book Reader.

At Amazon-Simply enter your e-mail address in a box that is provided on the sales page of all eBooks; a download link will be sent in seconds.

 I will list some of the latest freebies and minimum price books and update as more become available. Below, a few from the erotica genre.

   You Don't Know Half Of It.

Penalties in the Locker Room by Christie St Claire

Ginger by Rose W Erotic Adventure Smashwords free 

Workers Playtime Roy Station Saucy Erotica free Smashwords


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Month of Megan

Month of Megan

Before choosing a vacations destination, it's advisable to ensure its equipped to cater for personal preferences. That's exactly what Megan did. After traveling from America to Spain, a month without a hard cock slamming into her would seem an eternity. She arranged to spend it with an unseen friend, on the understanding he would fuck her at every opportunity. Megan is hyper sexual, which basically means she constantly craves sex. However, far from viewing her diagnosis negatively, she positively thrives on sexual activity and feels treatment to reduce it would be preposterous.    

Megan's month in Spain is initiated after a partner agreement that allows them to do whatever they choose, without any contact whatsoever.  In an on off relationship, the separation time  will decide if they truly need each other, if so, it will be marriage. A simple chance remark on an internet forum, regarding her situation, sees Jake playing host to Megan. Although from England, most of his time is spent in an idyllic Spanish village; his bungalow there is where Megan is taken.

It was such a rushed and crazy arrangement that Jake became apprehensive. Was her promise of endless sex unlikely to come to fruition? Was he about to endure the most tiresome month of his life? Fear not! Within hours of meeting, he simply adores her, and Yes, she really does want to be plied with uninhibited sex. Unable to believe she has landed at his door; her demure captivates the whole village.

Initially in the privacy of their bungalow, Jake provides the constant sex she needs. Uncomplaining, she happily masturbates after wearing him out. Seeking help makes sense, it will delight both Megan and his close friend Santos. Given the green, it's not only Santos. Megan's fingers and tongue release shy village girl Rosita from her sexual darkness.

Sex shops in Barcelona, deserted beaches, the bungalow and its grounds; Megan gives and takes in incredible situations. Any age or shape, if a man/woman has an agreeable disposition, she finds it a pleasure to welcome them between her legs.

 There can only ever be one Megan, a slut you can only fall in love with. Read every explicit moment of her entire catalog of romps in The Month of Megan.

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